How to get here


1. Autobahn A5 towards “Karlsruhe/Basel”.
2. Exit “Rastatt” towards “Gaggenau” (B462).
3. Exit “Gaggenau Mitte” – turn left towards the Mercedes-Benz plant.
4. Drive over the bridge “Berliner Brücke” and turn left at the first light.
5. Follow the curve to the right and cross the train tracks.
6. Turn left at the second corner (Hildastr.).
7. Drive to the end of the street until you see our office to your right and client parking area to your left.

Or use the coordinates listed here to navigate to our office with your GPS device. WGS84: 8° 19‘ 38‘‘ E / 48° 48‘ 20‘‘ N latitude over N.N.: 131m

Größere Kartenansicht



by car

1. Coming from the A99, exit „München-Ludwigsfeld“ and turn onto the B304 towards “München-Ludwigsfeld” / “München Zentrum”.
2. Follow B304 “Dachauer Str.” / “Max-Born-Str.” / Triebstr.
3. Turn right onto „Landshuter Allee“ via „Donnersberger Brücke“.
4. Stay in the right lane in order to get to B2 towards “Augsburg/Landsberg/Passing/Laim/Zentrum”
5. Keep left at the fork towards “Trappentreustr.”
6. Turn right onto “Westendstr.”
7. Turn right onto “Elsenheimerstr.” – our office is to your right.


Größere Kartenansicht