Topping out ceremony: Stamping plant II in Kuppenheim

The extension of the stamping plant Kuppenheim progressing rapidly. Last Tuesday, the topping out ceremony was held. Dr. Gerd Schlaich, Head of Factory Planning at Daimler AG, praised during the celebrations the good cooperation between all partners.
The office Kohlbecker is charged with planning and construction management of the project.

Richtfest Daimler Presswerk II Kuppenheim

in the picture (from left): Dr. Matthias Jurytko (Standortleiter Mercedes-Benz Werk Gaggenau), Dr. Gerd Schlaich (Centerleiter Fabrikplanung), Alexander Knittel (Projektleiter Presswerk Kuppenheim II), Marco Frei (Firma Bögl) und Michael Silak (Firma Bögl).