Audi A4 car body plant: Construction team celebrates topping out

Approximately eight months after construction began, Audi is officially celebrating the topping out of its new plant in Ingolstadt.

Richtfest AudiN 60.2

Richtfest AudiN 60.2

Around 68,000 cubic meters of concrete will be needed for the building shell alone. The structure will be over 31 meters tall, over 190 meters wide and about 220 meters long. The construction method is in line with that of the neighboring A3 car body plant, which has been operational since last spring. The roof construction consists of a multifunctional spatial load-bearing framework with struts that can be distributed throughout the hall as needed. This way, the two-level production building can be adjusted to ideally accommodate equipment and assembly requirements.

A4 family body part manufacturing and all the related logistical processes were consolidated on two floors. The half-story houses a modern conveyor system for lateral parts and car bodies, ensuring the efficient use of the entire facility.

50 years after Karl Kohlbecker built the Auto Union Plant in Ingolstadt, his grandson Matthias Kohlbecker stood at the same site and thanked all those who contributed to the construction of the new plant for their outstanding commitment. In closing, he presented the new plant owners with a traditional pretzel-adorned broom to help them keep the building clean in the future.