Audi Topping Out Celebration: 10,000 tons of steel for the new processing building

Straight to the train after the last check: The new processing building will facilitate logistics at the Audi Ingolstadt site considerably in the future. The “Audians” celebrated the topping out of the tallest building at their assembly plant yesterday.

Audi Richtfest Prozesshaus N29, Rede von Florian Kohlbecker

In future, all cars will be prepared for delivery on nine floors, whether they are immediately loaded on to railroad cars, or dispatched directly to the Audi Forum customer center. The new building in the middle of the assembly plant provides space for 2,400 cars on a surface of 10,000 meters. The Audi investment in the site amounts to around € 80m, and completion of the entire building is planned for the fall of 2013. “The topping out celebration for the new processing building marks another construction milestone. A total of over 40 construction projects are simultaneously underway at our Ingolstadt site,” says Frank Dreves, the Board Member for Production of AUDI AG. Florian Kohlbecker, the managing director of Kohlbecker | Architects & Engineers, stressed the tradition of the topping out celebration and commended those involved for their fast work. He had a useful gift for the clients to be able to keep the building clean in the future: a decorated broom.